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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tanx syg..!!

Syg..tanx u so much coz u trust me n give me one more chance in this relationship...i'm so sorry if i make a badly mistake and make u hurt..i'm doesn't mean to do that...but i'm promise..i'm not did it tau awq ta kn buat 2 sume..coz i know who u are...lepas nie..jgn lah ade lg masalah mcm nie k..kite seri..0-0...hee~..jgn marah...dah ta de dendam da dlm atie sy nie..yg ade cume name awq sowng juwq..lg seminggu sy na exam..u are my spirit...u are my soul..u are my apple..and u are my pillow..hehehehe...hope we will be fine and hope this relationship will be everlasting ok!! more tau awq syg jgn la ego k syg..muahahahha...lastly my words for u is

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